Effective treatment nonsense

Child Study and Treatment Center have recently developed Principles of an Effective Treatment Milieu manual. It outlines basic principles and strategies (such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Multi-Family Group Therapy, and more) that are believed to be the foundation of an effective therapeutic environment for children with psychiatric disorders. The manual was circulated throughout the company with the intent to “promote and maintain a common vision among clinical and administrative teams that collectively are responsible for the therapeutic experience of each patient.” 

Wow. Isn’t that a mouthful? The 48-page manual continues with more clinical jargons that some might find it either overwhelming or boring to read. My experience with the manual was both enlightning and validating. And like with anything in this world, I found ways to entertain myself while reading it by making cartoons “falsely” based on the topics covered. And here are a few that I managed to circulate around the workplace for others’ entertainment as well (the fancy clinically sounding captions are direct statements from the manual): 

Welcome to CSTC


Effective Treatment Building Blocks


VALIDATION: The acknowledgement of the validity of the emotional pain, while also encouraging the development of healthier coping skills. Validation also allows staff to acknowledge that youth and families are doing the best they can with the skills they possess.


Behavior Chain Analysis: A key component in cognitive-behavioral treatment is the ability to accurately analyze behavior in the context in which it occurs. A behavior chain analysis examines the links of a behavior chain, including cues, emotional response, cognitions, behavioral response, and outcomes that reinforce or support behavior.


REINFORCEMENTS: Reinforcement has the power to increase desired behaviors, reduce maladaptive behaviors, and to also engage and motivate the child. Effective use of reinforcement is always tailored to the youth’s value system, current needs and individual preferences.


EXTINCTION BURST: Extinction is a behavioral modification term that describes the breaking of the link between the behavior and the outcome. When implementing an extinction strategy for a problem behavior, the problem behavior often at first worsens. This is called an extinction burst.


Cue removal involves decreasing the youth’s exposure to the cues or prompting events to which s/he has learned to react negatively. The purpose behind cue removal is to create an environment, when possible, where the youth is not exposed to cues that trigger problem behavior.


Cognitive-behavioral treatment attempts to examine an individual’s cognitive distortions, or “thinking errors”, in relation to problem behaviors. The process involves working with the youth to identify and recognize thinking errors, and then helping the youth to replace thinking errors with more adaptive thoughts and beliefs.


A crucial aspect of Dialectical Behavior Therapy is finding a balance between acceptance of a patient just as they are and the need for the patient to change in order to have a “life worth living.”


Drug Abuse


Healthy Habits and Therapeutic Home Pass


RECREATIONAL THERAPY 5 FINGER FULL VALUE PHILOSOPHY: Thumb(Individual Goals), Fingers(Group Goals), Pointer(Safety), Middle(Respect), Ring(Support/Commitment), Little(Safe Risks), All five(Fun).

  There were a lot more nonsensesess created by my nonsensical mind during work hours, but most I have to keep to myself or only share to my closest associates to protect the dignity of all of those involved.

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Starbucks coffee break

Edited repost ( from the original that was posted March 2009)

Working at CSTC has been most rewarding for me. Being able to help shape the growth of children and their families can be both fulfilling and frustrating. I do spend a lot of time at and for work that I sometimes feel like I live there also. But, whether I keep or lose my sanity at the end of the day, SAFETY at work will always be my number one priority because I do have my main responsibilities at home—as a husband and a father.

This is my attempt to put into blog form the book I made.  Also, I think you have to have worked at this kind of place to appreciate this.  For now, imagine yourself in a mental hospital (Feels familiar?). Here are a few helpful terms:

  • level R-means the patient is unsafe/aggitated/had recent violent outburst
  • “pile-up”-my lingo for the process of containing an aggitated patient  mainly because it rhyme with “grown-up”
  • Taco pie-not sure, but it’s gross!, transition-during the change of shift, all patients must be in their rooms for an hour…usually ends up in a fight
  • Ricky Lake-an American talk show
  • dog poo-occasional indoor poop, courtesy of my pets🙂
  • venti-large?…but don’t grande and tall mean kinda the same? 
  • Filipino-anyone under 5 feet tall.

So here goes:


 Starbucks coffee break

 A way to balance life at home and (hospital’s name)

starbucks2Written and illustrated by

Jesse Paez 




starbucks3I fell asleep just four hours ago

And now it’s already six o’ clock.

Brush, shave, shampoo,…Dang! Dog poo!

Must be my luck.

Where’s my wallet? Where’s my key?

I got a pounding headache.

Too wet to drive. Too dark to see.

I need a Starbucks coffee break.


starbucks4I’m late for work. I look like a dork.

Everyone is level R.

This place’s a mess. “F@#! you,” he says.

My wife will kill me coz I drove her car.

Lots of screaming. Lots of blaming.

This boy’s bed he says he’ll never make.

They cuss. They fight. They don’t smell right.

I need a Starbucks coffee break.


starbucks4-001Just ten minutes in to school,

Someone’s crawling on the floor.

Another just threw a book

just pass my head and he’s out the door.

Kids and grown-ups all in pile-ups.

Watch the head, for goodness sake!

The arm looks bad, he’s feeling mad.

I need a Starbucks coffee break.


starbucks6 What is that for lunch? Taco pie?

What is even in it?

I can’t eat meat. It smells like feet.

It’s soggier than an armpit.

Time is up! No time to leave.

I’m dreaming of a mocha shake.

I’m feeling tired. This child’s all wired.

I need a Starbucks coffee break.


starbucks7 Same old, same old, same old,

Same old paper trail.

Do the score, phone calls and more.

Parents on my e-mail.

I’m way behind. I’ve lost my mind. Transition ain’t a piece of cake.

I need to speed and pick up my kid.

I need a Starbucks coffee break.


starbucks8 One’s at the bus stop. Another’s at daycare.

Too much driving for a Filipino.

Elijah wants food. The other’s in a bad mood.

Need a nap for my Felomino.

There are dishes and laundry.  Rooms that are dirty.

These I can no longer take.

The dogs ate his assignment.  The TV’s off alignment.

I need a Starbucks coffee break.


starbucks9 It’s ten past nine. Pajama time!

It’s time for them to go to bed.

Five books later, I still hear a yeller.

Mino just bumped his big old head.

More screaming. More arguing.

This is worse than Ricky Lake.

I had enough I have to say.  So close my eyes and pray.

I need my Starbucks coffee break.


starbucks10So now, at last, some peace and quiet.

Got some time to be alone.

I can’t believe I survived a riot.

Now I speak to Dawn on the telephone.

A spoonful of sugar, creamer, and instant Forgers?

My tension starts to evaporate.

As I tell my wife about my day, she yells at me to say:

“Honey,… why are you drinking coffee this late?!!!”


 Hmmm…one latte…two latte…three latte…

starbucks11…dieciocho…diecinueve… VENTI! 



Put your own caption: pinoy dog show

Now that it’s clear that he has lost this year’s  presidential race to Noynoy Aquino, Joseph “Erap” Estrada now needs to find a new LEGAL way to make a lot of money.  Hmmm?  Maybe he can work for tips at the airport restrooms.  Or be a dancer in Japan. Or… may I suggest working for Manny Pacquiao?  I think Pacman has more money than the national GDP. 

 For everything else, there is the Mayweather megafight.

Put your own caption: the winner!

While Estrada awaits for another People’s Power, the electoral victories for Aquino and the Marcoses promise CHANGES in the Philippines. (huh?).  The only question now is whether Manny Pacman submit to a Malacanang-styled drug-testing.

God bless the Philippines and I hope that Manny beats Mayweather.  Hurray!

Put your own caption: the race

And so the star-studded, color-coded, money-driven, gun-totting, trash-talking, steroids-free, dirty presidential politics will soon come to an end.  This is your last chance to write about your favorite comic book characters…