Is my son racist?

So far, my kids know more Spanish and Chinese than Tagalog.  And when I try to teach them by talking to them in my native tounge, they respond, “You’re Mr. Nonsense.”  They are also well exposed to Filipino culture and language through festivals, parties, TVs, and the ocassional babysitters.  Still, they don’t seem to embrace it as much as I wish they would.  My sons would say that I’m Filipino, Elijah’s Iowan, and Mino is Washingtonian.  I know they are young and they don’t quite grasp the idea of being half-breeds. 

All of these do not suprise me…until one day at a Filipino store.  My wife asked my oldest to ask the cashier how much the chocolate pretzel was.  My son became very uncomfortable and said:

“What if he doesn’t know English?”

Hey!  How many Filipinos do you know that do not know English?  Hmmm’  None for me.

So I suppose that my son doesn’t quite grasp the idea of being multiligual, yet, either.

A Filipino Tendency?

Seems like my son has the making of a Filipino-a racist?

But not in a malicious way.  Many Filipinos are known to have a sick sense of humor when it comes to race.  Words like negro, bisaya, beho, hilaw, bumbay, hapon, etc are used very loosely.  The intention is not necessarily to judge or segragate someone because of their race, but only to make fun of each other’s differences.  And Filipinos are very good about making fun of themselves also.  Ala Living Color, the old 90’s comedy show with Jim Carrey. 

But in general, Filipinos are hospitable people who treat all in their communities as their own family.  And in the same token, they are also able to adjust very well and adopt a different culture as their own.  Diversity is always  welcomed. 

So I guess, Filipinos can be racial…but not necessarily racist?  Does this even make sense to anybody?

My favorite YouTube Vlog about racism:

Check out her other videos.  They are funny. …as if she needs anymore publicity.

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