I fell in love with her 9 times

I fell in love with her the first time I laid eyes on her.  Beautiful and, yet, simple.  Quiet, but confident.  She always had good balance from the very beginning.  The way she wore her hair and moved her body with precision was mesmerizing.  And she got even more attractive when she opened her mouth to speak.  She was flirtatious in her own sweet way. 

I fell in love with her the second time, when she brought newspaper for the elderly at the nursing home.  That random act of kindness truly touched my heart.   I later realized that this was only an extension of her love for family.  She cherished and held on to her own roots.  She respected and embraced mine.  And have given nothing but her best for our very own. 

I fell in love with her the third time on our first date.  It was wrong at the time for I already belonged to someone else.  But I knew early on that she was God’s ONE gift for me and that I had to claim it.  There was nothing more magical than my first moments with her.  From our first night under the stars, to many love notes disguised as Hershey kisses labels.  And, finally, on that day her nose twitched when I said  I wanted to be with her. I knew that the spell was casted. 

 I fell in love with her the fourth time when we first had a long heart to heart about our past, present and future actions and expectations.  When we shared our strengths and weaknesses.  It was an awkward moment that needed to happen.  And with her initiative, it ended up being easy.  Right there and right then, I knew that we could trust each other and that our secrets would be safe and that she would accept me for who I am.

 I fell in love with her the fifth time on our wedding day.  It wasn’t the ceremony or anything fancy that came with it.  It was the fact that we both worked so hard to make it happen.   From the planning, decorating, running errands, ushering, etc., she and I did most of it up to the last minute.  And that is how we always have been.  We have always been effective teammates.  We are at our best when we are working together side by side.  And when she kissed my hand after putting that ring on my finger, she made my heart melt and butterflies fly from my insides. There was no mistaking that she is THE ONE.

 I fell in love with her the sixth time when she bore our first child.  That first pregnancy was most eventful and stressful.  From getting all kinds of gestational illnesses, to getting kicked out of the immigration office after a long trip to the Philippines.  And when it was time to deliver, the baby still didn’t want to come.  Eventually, with a husband and a wife, and now a baby, Elijah completed my dream…a family.

 I fell in love with her the seventh time when she bore our second child.  And why is it that she’s always in the least ideal situations when pregnant?  This time, she was busy playing soldier and getting moved from one place to the other.  Mino, unlike his quiet brother, arrived in Ft. Lewis screaming.  And as it would turn out, Elijah and Mino are opposites.  Elijah being the nerdy one like me, and Mino, the fearless action hero that she is.  And much like she and I, they complement each other.

 I fell in love with her the eighth time when she was deployed overseas.  It was the darkest of our times.  But, ironically, it was also the time when I really felt her nurturing motherly bond with our children.  With so little time and so far of a distance, there was no better mother than her.  And through all the storms, together we found ourselves as ONE again.

 I fell in love with her the ninth time last year when she took me to a concert featuring Lea Salonga, my all-time favorite Filipino female celebrity. What is this “white girl” doing in a Filipino concert with her man to see a woman?  Well, she and I were there because of the very reason why I love her best; she has always supported me as a whole.  She embraced the physical, the mental (no pun intended), the emotional, the spiritual, and the cultural me. 

Truly, 9 is not enough to list the many ways and many times I fall in love with her.  But as we celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary, I reminisce of these 9 highlights of my almost eleven years of being with Dawn, my ONE true love.  Then again, these 9 could have been my “9 lives.”  And if I don’t do well on this anniversary, she might make this one my last.

Happy Anniversary, Honey.  I love you more than cheese, my dear  *muah*  



Originally posted yesterday on my Facebook.  And, unfortunately, I will be doing more of my postings on Facebook since I find it more convinient to do it there.  I will post and hop here on WordPress from time to time.    And to all my Worpress readers and fellow bloggers, thank you for your comments, support, and friendship.


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My Top Ten 2009 Mr Nonsense Blogs

2010 is here!  The past few days, I have been writing 2009, 2001, or 20010.  It’s going to be awhile before I master this.  And to think that I’m still getting used to 2000’s.  Y2k is gone and now 2012.  Oh gosh, I hope the prediction is just as bad as the movie.  Along with the Maguindanao massacre, the 2012 discussions gave me the creeps last year.

2009 was also my debut in the blogworld.  Thank Winkie for introducing me, DeeJay for helping with some of the technical difficulties, and the rest of you (especially weirdos like Ax, Hammy, Fadz, Jkul loves VaJJ, Sisaw, Sosows, Keekee, Dence, and Smasher) for encouraging all these nonsensesesss.    And to all the other more polite regulars, wheteher they are on my blogroll or not, thank you for all the insults!  See you all  in hell in 2012…from my view in heaven. 

Right now I am working on Darb’s request and finishing up on two Christmas homevideos.  Neither one have nothing to do with the beginning of 2010.  And the only prediction I can make is what my kids have already told me, “Daddy doesn’t like his birthday because he only gets older.”  So instead, I’m just going to make a quick promo and list my favorite Mr. Nonsense blogs of 2009.

Special Mention: Personally,  Soldiers are mothers, too has got to be the most special of all my videos.  Although I posted blog about it last year, the actual video was made many years ago so  I decided to disqualify it.

10.  IOWAna have fun.  I spent 14 years of my growing life in Iowa.  Seeing my family and all the familiar places was very special to me.  And being able to make a video with my nieces and nephews is priceless.  (Related video: Mino vs. Rico)

9.  School is not for the weak.  Mino’s first day of school was full of excitement.  But I became a nervous wreck when Elijah did not show up at the bus stop.  I felt helpless and homicidal for more than two hours.  This was one experience I will never want to repeat.

2 buses came by since.  both had no passengers.  continued to call elijah’s cell.  still no answer.

458:  pacing. shaking. about to scream. sitting on the ground. praying.  calling elijah’s cell.  no answer.

8.  Mino saves little miss nonsense.  All I can say is Mino is nuts!…  And so am I.  I really love Mino’s acting on this one. (Related blogs American turkeys, Deck the barn, …don’t know karate, Simbang Gabi)

7.  Making sense of point defiance zoo.  One of my more factful videos, it proves that family bonding can be both educational and fun.  It also introduces my nature-loving wife to the blogworld.  But my favorite, most of all, is the cute soundtrack and the ape in the end. (Related videos Giant trees and slugs, Cows, pigs, and brains)

 6.  Starbucks coffee break.  My first attempt in serious poetry…NOT!  It illustrates my life as a family man and a staff at a mental facility.  At times, they are kind of the same entity… (Related blogs Rice, God lives in us)

starbucks9 It’s ten past nine. Pajama time! It’s time for them to go to bed.

Five books later, I still hear a yeller.

Mino just bumped his big old head.

More screaming. More arguing.

This is worse than Ricky Lake.

I had enough I have to say.  So close my eyes and pray.

I need my Starbucks coffee break.

5.  Mino vs. H1N1.  Another one of my educational videos.  It was fun teaching my children about diseases and public service.  I hope we helped prevent the spread of a  few germs this year.

4.  Maguindanao.  Eeek.  This incident was really traumatic to a lot of people, including me, and made me stop surfing the net for awhile.  The lack of respect and sense of privacy for the victims offended me as much as the massacre itself.  And after several requests from my fellow bloggers, I found the courage to face this demon and speak out about it through my cartoon.  This was different from the others that I have made.  For this one was nothing to laugh about.  This was a bit more personal.

The news and the images circulating around the press and the internet not only presents our country to more embarassment and prejudice, but also neglects the need for privacy and comfort of the families of those who perished. Furthermore, it can further traumatize the already bruised and beaten sense of safety and innocence.

3.  Mino vs. pumpkin.  I so love the music in this one.  So much that I dared not add any scripts on the screen.  The music perfectly explained the emotions in the video.  A fellow blogger provided me with the song….very fresh. 

2.  Mino vs. bedtime.  One day after watching some of our old videos from the army years, my sons asked me if we could make a video again.  So the same day after waking up from their nap,  Elijah, a big iCarly fan, and I decided to make our version of the book, “Dinosaur vs. Bedtime.”  This was our first video in years.  And the bloopers was even more fun than the movie itself.  (Related video: The duel, Outtakes)

1.  Our first date.   My most visited blog in 2009, it was the first time my wife ever agreed to do anything unlady-like with me (of course anything I do has to be unlady).  She was a good sport tolerating all my nonsense and the photography during our first big date ALONE since our kids were born.  I really corrupted my innocent wife…and I love it!  Next up: the world! (Related blogs: September 22nd, At-home on valentines, Risky business)

Wow, our family did a lot in 2009!  I hope 2010 brings us more money to support our newly found habit.  Happy 2010 ya’ll!

And now I leave you with another “Post Your Own Caption.”

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