Bruised, but not beaten

 A collection of thoughts, videos, and cartoons about the recent lay-offs in Washington state:

Much have been said about how much our workplace environment and productivity have improved the last 2-3 years. Sadly, many of the people (and still counting) who brought fresh ideas, excitement, and commitment to this thankless, but rewarding, job are the ones most affected by the job cuts. Regardless of one’s contribution to society, sometimes, in the end, he or she is all but a number. And it is difficult not to feel insecure about it. 

Finding more efficient ways to do business and cutting the unecessary spending on transport, supply, maintenance, and administrative costs will save a ton of money in the long run. and yet, with more than a billion dollars in deficit, they decided to balance the budget OVERNIGHT by cutting social and health welfare programs and laying off so many state workers.  The people aspects of such institutions have become less and less human and have become merely inanimate building materials and administrative figures.  The workers have become NO more than just a bunch of numbers and office furnitures.  And now that many of the least-senior, lowest-paid, and on-call staff are terminated at my place of work, there are now suggestiions that part-timers should be cut also.

I am so disappointed with many of my colleagues who have became disloyal with the relationships they have developed throughout the years; who have detached themselves from the reality that the little people who have lost or about to lose their jobs have a family who need food, healthcare, and housing; and those unaware or unconcerned of the downward spiral effect of all the lay-offs to the effectiveness of the way we help the children, the morale of the staff, the already battered economy, and the very existance of the institution itself— JUST TO PRESERVE THEIR OWN DESK JOBS!  

If they think laying off people is the answer, does it not make more sense to cut from the top? Would it not save more, AND HURT LESS, to remove 1 person who makes more than a $100,000 a year (and probably have accumilated a good amount of savings and retirement) than to terminate 5-20 employees who are barely breaking even from week to week and are actually doing work and making a difference? Come to think of it, why can’t we get rid of the high-priced politicians who got us in this mess in the first place?  the way things are going right now, it is like stealing land from the peasants just to keep the royalties on the throne.

Despite of the economic, mental, and emotional stress that the job insecurities have created, the workers of CSTC continue to make miracles by the way they change the lives of many—BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WE KNOW.  BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT WE DO.  I can say that for many of us, we have found our calling and the “MEANING” in our work.  And I believe that regardless of the arguments that there are jobs elsewhere,  much of the anxiety is from the thought of losing our niche and our purpose—OUR MISSION.

As of right now, I’m in no mood to listen to people complaining about others…or how better they are…or how they deserve more. Right now, I am just going to try my best to do my job the way I know how…by being positive, supportive, and productive….and hope that “fun” comes along the way.


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