Put your own caption: the winner!

While Estrada awaits for another People’s Power, the electoral victories for Aquino and the Marcoses promise CHANGES in the Philippines. (huh?).  The only question now is whether Manny Pacman submit to a Malacanang-styled drug-testing.

God bless the Philippines and I hope that Manny beats Mayweather.  Hurray!

Put your own caption: the race

And so the star-studded, color-coded, money-driven, gun-totting, trash-talking, steroids-free, dirty presidential politics will soon come to an end.  This is your last chance to write about your favorite comic book characters…

Saddened by the death of a hero

i’m saddened by the death of the former philippine president and time magazine’s “woman of the year, ” corazon aquino.  belittled for her inexperience in politics, she led a non-violent revolution that toppled the 20-yr dictatorship of ferdinand marcos, three years after the assasination of her husband, ninoy—marcos’ political opponent.  “people  power” inspired many non-violent revolts around the globe, including those that caused communism to fall in europe, and even right now in parts of the middle east.

decribed as a fragile widow by her opponents, she became well known for her “iron will.”  her political party organized a rally that included hundreds of thousands of people to shield a small group military rebels from marcos’ forces. she then proclaimed, “for the first time in the history of the world, a civilian population has been called to defend the military.”  a  simple “housewife” before s was he sworn in as president in feb 1986, she withstood 7 military coups in 6 yrs.  

her fight for human rights and democracy continued throughout her life.  she has been an inspiration to filipinos and many worldwide.  she is a national and worldly treasure.  she is one of the greatest heroes in the modern era.

thank you and god bless, tita cory.  because of u, i know anything is possible…”basta’t magkaisa tayong lahat”(as long as all of us are united).

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