I fell in love with her 9 times

I fell in love with her the first time I laid eyes on her.  Beautiful and, yet, simple.  Quiet, but confident.  She always had good balance from the very beginning.  The way she wore her hair and moved her body with precision was mesmerizing.  And she got even more attractive when she opened her mouth to speak.  She was flirtatious in her own sweet way. 

I fell in love with her the second time, when she brought newspaper for the elderly at the nursing home.  That random act of kindness truly touched my heart.   I later realized that this was only an extension of her love for family.  She cherished and held on to her own roots.  She respected and embraced mine.  And have given nothing but her best for our very own. 

I fell in love with her the third time on our first date.  It was wrong at the time for I already belonged to someone else.  But I knew early on that she was God’s ONE gift for me and that I had to claim it.  There was nothing more magical than my first moments with her.  From our first night under the stars, to many love notes disguised as Hershey kisses labels.  And, finally, on that day her nose twitched when I said  I wanted to be with her. I knew that the spell was casted. 

 I fell in love with her the fourth time when we first had a long heart to heart about our past, present and future actions and expectations.  When we shared our strengths and weaknesses.  It was an awkward moment that needed to happen.  And with her initiative, it ended up being easy.  Right there and right then, I knew that we could trust each other and that our secrets would be safe and that she would accept me for who I am.

 I fell in love with her the fifth time on our wedding day.  It wasn’t the ceremony or anything fancy that came with it.  It was the fact that we both worked so hard to make it happen.   From the planning, decorating, running errands, ushering, etc., she and I did most of it up to the last minute.  And that is how we always have been.  We have always been effective teammates.  We are at our best when we are working together side by side.  And when she kissed my hand after putting that ring on my finger, she made my heart melt and butterflies fly from my insides. There was no mistaking that she is THE ONE.

 I fell in love with her the sixth time when she bore our first child.  That first pregnancy was most eventful and stressful.  From getting all kinds of gestational illnesses, to getting kicked out of the immigration office after a long trip to the Philippines.  And when it was time to deliver, the baby still didn’t want to come.  Eventually, with a husband and a wife, and now a baby, Elijah completed my dream…a family.

 I fell in love with her the seventh time when she bore our second child.  And why is it that she’s always in the least ideal situations when pregnant?  This time, she was busy playing soldier and getting moved from one place to the other.  Mino, unlike his quiet brother, arrived in Ft. Lewis screaming.  And as it would turn out, Elijah and Mino are opposites.  Elijah being the nerdy one like me, and Mino, the fearless action hero that she is.  And much like she and I, they complement each other.

 I fell in love with her the eighth time when she was deployed overseas.  It was the darkest of our times.  But, ironically, it was also the time when I really felt her nurturing motherly bond with our children.  With so little time and so far of a distance, there was no better mother than her.  And through all the storms, together we found ourselves as ONE again.

 I fell in love with her the ninth time last year when she took me to a concert featuring Lea Salonga, my all-time favorite Filipino female celebrity. What is this “white girl” doing in a Filipino concert with her man to see a woman?  Well, she and I were there because of the very reason why I love her best; she has always supported me as a whole.  She embraced the physical, the mental (no pun intended), the emotional, the spiritual, and the cultural me. 

Truly, 9 is not enough to list the many ways and many times I fall in love with her.  But as we celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary, I reminisce of these 9 highlights of my almost eleven years of being with Dawn, my ONE true love.  Then again, these 9 could have been my “9 lives.”  And if I don’t do well on this anniversary, she might make this one my last.

Happy Anniversary, Honey.  I love you more than cheese, my dear  *muah*  



Originally posted yesterday on my Facebook.  And, unfortunately, I will be doing more of my postings on Facebook since I find it more convinient to do it there.  I will post and hop here on WordPress from time to time.    And to all my Worpress readers and fellow bloggers, thank you for your comments, support, and friendship.


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